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Simon gives talk to 400 delegates at Microlise Monday 5th August 2013

Simon gives talk to 400 delegates at Microlise


Chamberlain Transport director has delivered a talk on the importance of telematics in road safety to over 400 leading industry figures at a major national transport conference.


Simon spoke to delegates at the Microlise Conference in Nottingham, about how Chamberlain has used telematics and in- cab cameras to help protect their drivers and ensure they have of one the best safety records in the industry.


“I was honoured to be asked to speak at the conference and explain how Chamberlain has used Microlise telematics technology to train our drivers and build on our company’s well-established culture of safe and efficient driving,” said Simon Chamberlain.


Hosted by motoring expert and TV presenter Quentin Wilson, some of the other key speakers at the conference included Geoff Dunning, Road Haulage Association Chief Executive, Beverley Bell, Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain and Ben Collins, better known as ‘The Stig’ from the BBC’s Top Gear.


The event was broken down into a number of themes, including reducing fuel usage, costs and emissions, improving health and safety and enhancing customer service.


Bob Harbey, the director at Microlise responsible for the event, said: “We are delighted with the success of this year’s event.  It is testimony to Microlise and our customers that so many people were happy to stand up and tell others about how they are using our technology, coupled with good organisation and processes, to improve their transport operations performance.”

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