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Chamberlain backs proposals to amend EU trailer height legislation Monday 29th April 2013

Chamberlain backs proposals to amend EU trailer height legislation

Chamberlain Transport has backed moves to overturn the threat of a four-metre height limit being imposed on trailers in the UK from the European Commission.

After extensive lobbying from haulage firms and bodies like the Freight Transport Association the European Commission tabled options at a recent meeting of the Motor Vehicle Working Group which could maintain national exemptions to the new trailer height they are planning to introduce.

"We welcome the latest moves to scrap the four-meter trailer height limit which if imposed would have a devastating impact on transport firms in the UK," said Simon Chamberlain.

"The vast majority of haulage firms in the UK rely on double deck trailers and other technology to transport goods as efficiently as possible across the country and the limit would create increased journeys and costs for these companies and in turn their customers as well as more vehicles on the road."

One of the options tabled is to amend type approval legislation to increase the volumes permitted under National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA). The enables member states to approve vehicles with dimensions which exceed those laid down in the masses and dimensions legislation under NSSTA for use in their own territory.

The Commission has proposed to amend the volumes permitted under NSSTA as follows:

Trucks: from 250 to 1200

Trailers and semi-trailers: from 250 to 2000

 The Commission's Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles (TCMV) recently adopted the increase to NSSTA, and this will be passed to the Council of Ministers and European Parliament for agreement.

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