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Cameras combat false claims Friday 7th December 2012

Forward facing cameras on its fleet is helping Chamberlain Transport combat false or exaggerated insurance claims following traffic incidents.

Earlier this year the Transport Select Committee said there has been a 70 per cent rise in motor insurance injury claims in the past six years, despite a 23 per cent drop in the number of casualties actually caused by road accidents.

“It can be extremely difficult to determine who is at fault in road traffic incidents but the new cameras enable us to provide much stronger evidence should a disputed claim come to legal action,” said Simon Chamberlain, director of Chamberlain Transport. The Smart Witness cameras have also been linked to Chamberlain’s telematics system so the company can use the footage for driver training.

“Having video footage makes it much easier to work with the drivers to highlight ways they can improve their driving.  This benefits both them and the company,” said Simon.

In a recent meeting of Transport Association members up to 90 per cent of those attending now use forward facing cameras on their vehicles. “Many Transport Association members are looking at ways in which technology can improve their operations.  Forward facing cameras are a great example of how technology can reduce costs and enable haulage firms to run more efficiently,” said Simon.

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