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Careful driving sees Chamberlain receive public praise Monday 16th July 2012

CHAMBERLAIN Transport's driver training programme has earned the company a reputation for responsible driving.

The transport specialists invest thousands of pounds each year in driver training to ensure they are as efficient and careful as possible.

'When our drivers are on the roads they represent the company and we take great pride in making sure all our drivers are courteous and responsible on their journeys,' said Simon Chamberlain, director of Chamberlain Transport.

The company's efforts have even seen them receive praise from the public. One road user recently emailed Chamberlain's headquarters and said: 'May I pass on how fantastic it was to be on the M1 behind one of your vehicles.'

'Never, in the seven years that I have been driving between junction 15 and 14, have I had the pleasure of driving behind a vehicle so well driven.'

Chamberlain uses TeleMatics technology to help train their drivers by collecting data on vehicle and driver performance, looking at key areas such as heavy braking, sharp acceleration, gear changes, as well as idle time

This information is then used to train drivers in how to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs by highlighting ways they can adapt their driving style.

'To receive positive letters from the public is extremely rewarding and testament to the whole ethos of our company,' said Simon.

'Responsible driving not only improves our reputation, it also helps to reduce fuel costs and the carbon footprint of our fleet.'

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